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Family at a Beach


Couples Therapy

The Center for Family Healing specializes in Marriage and Family Therapy

"Most therapists today trained as psychologists, social workers, professional counselors, or psychiatrists. None of these professions requires a single course in marital therapy" (Quote from Wm Doherty, Ph.D.). Our therapists are trained and supervised in marriage and family therapy at the highest level. Our licensed and accredited therapists adhere to the guidelines set by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).

Mental Health

Hurting inside? Perhaps you've experienced an overwhelming loss.The healing process may involve just you or include others who share your pain. We specialize in providing individual, as well as relationship help in... 

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Grief and Loss
• Stress



Establishing strong relationships with others sometimes involves developing and using new skills. Building on your strengths, we support you in a safe environment where you or a loved one can work through conflicts and/or learn new ways to cope and strengthen critical interpersonal bonds. We encourage personal growth in a constructive learning environment. We specialize in providing help in...

• Marriage
• Family
• Singles
• Friendships



Challenging Events

Do you sometimes feel you were dealt the wrong cards in life? Perhaps you live in an abusive environment. Perhaps your parent was an alcoholic. We can help you face these challenging events. The Center for Family Healing promotes emotional and spiritual growth through effective assessment, followed with treatment methods that work. We are committed to helping you with sensitive, high quality care in areas such as...

• Divorce
• Affairs
• Anger/Conflict

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