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What to do with Constant Drama 8/19/21

Constant drama seems to accompany some people as they talk to you. There are reasons. Some occasional drama is legitimate as in when there are true life challenges. The drama I’m talking about is the pattern of that person who engages people by constantly sharing their heightened over-concern about someone or some thing. This drama filled sharing is often distant from them personally or meant to criticize. The unspoken invitation to join the drama gets old. This discussion is not meant to throw the drama habituated person under the bus. It may help to consider it's the style of connection they’ve learned or used to engage people. It may be a pattern they have adopted because of unresolved anxiety. The issue of the constant sharing of drama, however, belongs to them. We are addressing here what to do when you are drained and sincerely tired of it. Two initial strategies for you are: 1. Limit your time with them 2. Do not try to fix them. Ask yourself who owns the problem here. If you’re close, it’s possible to address it directly, but not long term, in various ways. However, if you’ve done all you can up to this point and the habit of drama continues from this person, begin to take care of yourself and limit your exposure.

Lynda Savage, M.S., LMFT, LPC Founder

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