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The End of Summer 8/26/21

Summer is soon coming to an end. Children are returning to school. Leaves are beginning their change of color. Harvest of gardens are being enjoyed. We will soon feel the change in the weather, going from sleeveless attire to fall and winter jackets. Some individuals go into the Fall and Winter months with excitement and energy while others go grudgingly. If you are an individual who deals with depression during the late Fall and Winter months, you are not alone. The gray skies and lack of sunlight can cause seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which results in depression. I am encouraging you, if you are one of these individuals or know someone who is, become proactive in treating the symptoms. Find ways to introduce light into your life, both literally and emotionally. There are SAD lamps you can buy and use while you are watching TV, sitting at a desk, reading a book, etc. Talk to your medical doctor about use of Vitamin D or other supplements that may be helpful and do not negatively interact with any medications you are taking. Eat healthier, less refined sugars and carbohydrates. Do yoga or some form of exercises on a regular basis. Emotionally, find balance in your life. Take walks. Connect with an animal or get a pet. Find humor. Laugh often. Find a friend. Avoid self-judgment, judgment of others, and negative thoughts. Put on some music and dance. These are only a few thoughts on how to manage the “Winter Blues”. What works for you?

Cheryl Welch, PhD, MS, RN, LPC Clinical Therapist

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